"Beagnach" is the title of our second album!
Almost half a year of hard work we had to put into this production, but that's the consequence when you attempt to hold everything in your own hands. About the result we are extraordinary pleased and satisfied!
The story of the title "Beagnach":
As a band we have this saying after we performed a tune very, very well: "It almost will do.." In our local language "Zeeuws" this sounds like “bienoa hoed “. Although we always strive for perfection, we think it is more important that one can hear back the spontaneity and experience we put into our music. Because of this little concession to perfection we experience this ourselves many times as "It almost will do..". “almost” is translated in Gaelic as “Beagnach” which sounds to us almost as recognisable Zeeuws for “bienoa”! An so the circle becomes round again
1            Morrison's Jig - Temple House Jig         
2            Exiles Return   
3            Calum's Road - Hardiman the Fiddler  
4            Anach Cuain    
5            Flowers of Edinburgh - Deil Amongst the Tailors      
6            Érin Grá Mo Chroí               
7            Off to California – Harvest Home – Boys of Blue Hill  
8            The Well below the Valley     
9            Jack Ryan’s - Johnny ‘O Leary’s - Din Tarrant’s  
10          Star of the County Down 
11          Fest Noz 
12          The King’s Shilling  
13          Autumn Child - Sea Breeze  
14          Road to Barga – Thunderhead  
15          Song for Ireland   
16          Windbroke   
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