Band History

Jan op Lowwhistle

How did the band start? That's a question you should ask to our oldest and wisest (?) member, Jan.
This is his version: "In fact, it began in the summer of 1995 when Jan bought a tin whistle in Ireland. John, a knowledge of Jan, thought that  making music together could be fun. Through Jules Bitter they met Andy and then started to play together with him too. On a birthday party John met Lenny, who promptly started to play along with them. James had been friends with Andy for many years, so James did not escape from Windbroke too. Andy new a former colleague, Ed,  who had ever sung in a band before. Ed had a neighbour, Jaap, who had also discovered Celtic music. And so Windbroke came into being.........   Lenny and Andy moved elsewhere. In 2013 James said farewell. This resulted in the current four-man formation that rehearses every Thursday evening in a (literal and figurative) harmonious and relaxing atmosphere."




4Another version is this one:

Windbroke is a Dutch folk band (Ritthem/Flushing) which finds its origin in a group of friends who lived around Arnemuiden in the year 2003. The members appeared to share the joint love for Celtic music. Of these friends only John and Jan are still part of the band. Although not being an actual band in the first years, but rather a group of individuals who would like to challenge each other with different forms of music of Irish and Scottish origin, over time they gradually started to perform with little gigs. The first more serious performances date from the year 2009. After this period there where several changes in the formation. The main changes were the accession of James van de Water, Ed van der Kuijl and Lenny Sanderse, and after her departure Jaap van Liere. After the departure of Andy, who moved to Norway, and Lenny, Windbroke has been active for some time as a five-man band and did perform in Norway and France, but especially in Netherlands. The current formation established after departure of James in 2013. After a thorough rediscovery of the repertoire, the band went on as a four-man band You will notice that the enthusiasm with which the often old traditional songs are played is mainly a result of the bond of friendship between the band members and the love for this type of music.