Our Music

Bodhran (Ierse traditionele trommel)

Windbroke plays and sings music of traditional Celtic origin. Averse to the populism in this genre the band chooses for the more peaceful variant. This style is best described as listening music, the band uses the word listening folk. The preference is for a setting with a listening audience but the music possibly also fits as atmospheric element during dinner parties or other events. The repertoire consists of a lively alternation of instrumental traditionals (including Jigs, Reels, Polkas, Strathspeys) and Sung ballads, "sad songs", Laments and Love songs. This music not only finds its origin in the heritage of Ireland or Scotland, but also in the Spanish Galicia and Asturias and the French Bretagne. In addition, there are now a number of own songs and songs written in this tradition. This means that the choice of the repertoire is a nice balance between traditional tunes, tearful ballads and sometimes humorous love songs or tunes with inimitable rhythms. If desired, humorous presented with interesting facts. In short: varied and immersive Celtic music to listen breathless and carefully to or to lay back on to enjoy

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